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  1. 1. Complete our application form

    Please note that we can only accommodate a limited number of hosts each year

  2. 2. Site Consultation

    We will review your site for hive suitability.

  3. 3. Hive Delivery & Set Up

    We will contact you in the spring to arrange a time to deliver your hives full of bees.

  4. 4. Enjoy your bees all summer long

    Watch, listen, observe. Enjoy the magical enchantment of these fuzzy little insects.

  5. 5. Honey Harvesting

    At the end of the season, after we ensure each hive has sufficient winter reserves, we take away the surplus honey from your hive, carefully extract, and hand-package it. This is done at our Honey House near Creemore, Ontario.

  6. 6. Honey Delivery or Pick Up

    We aim to have all honey bottled and labelled before Thanksgiving. You can choose either local pick up from our Honey House (and if Covid protocols allow, get a tour of the honey extraction process). Or shipping can be arranged to your home if more convenient.

  7. 7. Renewal for Next Season

    All existing 2021 You Host customers will have first right of refusal to continue for the following season. After which, we open up our 2022 Wait List.

The Heritage Bee

2022 You Host Pre-Approval Form

Before completing the Application form, please read the following:

The deadline for applications each year is September 30 for consideration for the following beekeeping season. In October, all submissions will be reviewed and you will be advised whether your application has been approved.

Only properties with a minimum of 5 acres and greater will be considered.
Only properties that do not use any pesticides, fungicides and herbicides will be considered.

If approved, a quote will be provided for the total annual You Host cost, once the site inspection of your property is completed by the Heritage Bee Co.

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